Frequently asked questions FAQS

All unsold Tokens will be moved to the reserve wallet for future use.

The value of WILL token cannot be determined in advance, as like any other cryptocurrency, its value is determined by the market forces.

Anyone can participate in the Crowdsale, but it is important to determine if the participant in a given jurisdiction is legally permitted to participate in such a crowdsale. Please check the regulatory restrictions in your country or state to ensure the same and read the terms of the crowdsale carefully.

A token sale is an event in which companies making use of blockchain technology attract participation and support for their project by selling cryptocurrency tokens to early adopters and enthusiasts in exchange for money. Usually these tokens, after their issuance, can be used on the project platform as internal currency for making payments for services. The project, in turn, receives the funding necessary for start-up costs and development of the platform.

In order to participate in the WILL Token sale, you can (subject to eligibility restrictions) purchase the desired amount of WILL tokens through our website (

Participants in the process will need to transfer BTC / ETH. We recommend carefully checking the transfer address field to ensure that you have the right address before transferring the BTC / ETH.

There is no minimum participation amount.

Tokens will be distributed immediately from the Crowdsale Smart Contract within the Ethereum transaction of your contribution. You should see them in your ERC 20 compatible wallet with in 3 working days provided you have submitted your Receiving wallet address under "My Account & KYC" in investors portal.

For BTC Payments, we will transfer tokens to your ERC 20 Compatible wallet every Wednesday and Saturday during sale period.

Purchasing Ethereum can be done easily at any of the Ethereum exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken etc. Once Ether has been purchased (for fiat: USD, EUR, GBP or crypto: BTC), the funds should be transferred to your own secure wallet.

Absolutely not. All ICO purchases should be made with use of your private and secure Ethereum / Bitcoin. Purchased tokens will be sent back at your initially used address so it is important to make transaction from your own wallet.

To make a smooth and fast transaction without rejection, set GAS LIMIT to 200,000 and GAS PRICE to 50 GWEI or more. You can check recommended GAS PRICE at,

It will be determined based on market price, and the bonus offering in place. The WILL token is priced at 0.10 USD / Token.

If BTC / ETH is sent to the wrong address, you will not be able to get it back. Please double check the address of your transactions before taking part in tokensale. The company will not be responsible for token loss.

You need to wait for confirmation of the transaction. Usually transactions are confirmed after 20 seconds, but in some cases it may take longer. If you want to check transaction status, use its hash to find it at,

Yes, You need to do AML / KYC verification before participating.

WILL token has been designed as a payment for services for our platform.

All WILL tokens will become transferable on July 2018. After that date, availability of WILL in the market depends on how fast exchanges add WILL to their cryptocurrency offerings. We will do our best to make WILL tokens available on as many exchanges as possible.

WILL Tokens balance can be viewed in any Ethereum Wallet you use, such as

Willtoken is a utility token from Digitrust Corporation. Willtoken can be used to avail the crypto settlement services. Willtoken will act as a mode of payment to initiate and execute the Crypto wealth settlement services.

Detailed information about the project is available in the whitepaper

All details regarding WILL will be delivered by email and social networks channels:

We currently have a working prototype of the platform.

Framework schedule for WILL Platform is presented in Road Map [link] section on our website. Exact dates of the next stages will be announced in the future.

You’ll need a Ethereum wallet (ERC20 compatible) to receive & store your WILL token – we recommend MyEtherWallet (or a full Ethereum Wallet). This is because WILL token based on the ERC20 protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain and MyEtherWallet is an “ERC-20 token friendly wallet”. The wallet also has strong security standards.

Wallet setup: Set up your wallet beforehand, so that once the token sale begins, you only have to make the payment.

TIP: Specifically, for Ethereum-based ICOs, you’ll need an “ERC-20 token friendly wallet” This means you can use MyEtherWallet or Ethereum Wallet.

Do not use Coinbase’s wallet or a direct exchange wallet to receive your WILL token. Coinbase and Exchange wallet isn’t ERC-20 friendly, meaning it can hold Ether, but not Ethereum-based tokens.

Whitelisting is like the registration you do on e-commerce websites, you are registering yourself with WILL token and expressing your interest to participate in the ICO.


The team at WILL will send you information regarding the ICO, and update you with their progress, bonus options, whitepaper etc. to enrich your understanding of the project.

KYC is a process simply defined as Know Your Customer. It entails uploading required details such as passport/ID copy, picture of yourself with you Passport / National ID , a verified address with utility bill copy etc. before the actual sale and purchase of any tokens. It is mandatory for all tokensale participants to do the KYC process. Doing a proper KYC will save you a lot of hassles in the future when it comes to declaring your investments, transferring your assets to your next of kin or paying taxes on your profits etc.

  1. Login to WILL investor portal (If you don’t have login id and password please register yourself on our website as soon as possible)
  2. Choose the payment method (BTC / ETH) Copy our wallet address provided on the screen.
  3. Transfer BTC / ETH to our wallet address shown on the screen and complete the transaction.
  4. Copy and Paste your ERC20 Compatible wallet address in the Investor portal on “My account” page.

Soon after receiving and verifying your payment, WILL tokens will be credited to your MyEtherWallet or any ERC-20 compatible wallet that you have provided.

Check your ERC20 compatible wallet for WILL tokens. At times the token credit will be immediate and at times it may take up to 3 to 6 working days for payments via BTC / XRP, subject to volume and approval process.

So don’t panic. If you do not receive your WILL token after 6 working days, please contact our us at [email protected]

Welcome aboard WILL family. May we reap our success together and grow in strength.

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