Death is Inevitable - No one is immune to it, including ME and YOU !!!

Common concerns of every crypto investors Will Token


If something happens to me (Death or Severe Disability). what happens to my crypto investment?


Can I appoint my next of kin or loved ones to inherit my crypto investments?


How will my family or loved ones receive my crypto wealth?


Who can I trust and appoint to undertake the process?

Willtoken is a Utility Token - Protects your Crypto wealth & Passes it on to your loved ones securely
  • 1 Prepare for any eventuality
  • 2 Assign and modify heirs over time
  • 3 Secure settlement services
Assign a Beneficiary to your Wallet / Exchange asset using our Octowill System

Project Documentation Will Token

Assign your beneficiary today as tommorrow might be too late
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Token Specifications Will Token

A Revolution in Crypto Wealth Inheritance

WILL Protocol

Ethereum ERC20


Currently in discussion with several exchanges for system integration and Utility coin listing

Initial Token Price

1 WILL Token = 0.10 USD

Referral Program

Will be updated soon

Tokens Available

Total tokens available - 500,000,000 WILL

About Us WILL Token


Who are we?
What is our Delivery Capability?

  • We are a well-established firm in distressed asset administration protocols and estate management services.
  • We have a proficiency in software development and blockchain application capability
  • We have an experienced, strong and dynamic multinational management team with varying expertise and diverse capabilities.

Vision & Mission Statements Will Token


Ultimate goal of WILL Token is to provide a non-complicated, fully automated, simple to apply and non-invasive crypto wealth assignment as well as settlement service to all Crypto investors Community.

We foresee a future where the appointment of beneficiary becomes a regulated and mandated feature for every crypto investor. It allows for protection of investments and holdings. It provides the ability to pass it on to their loved ones effortlessly.


Our mission is to provide a safe blockchain environment for crypto investors to build wealth and empower their beneficiaries to inherit their wealth when the investor is no longer around.

Future rollouts of Octowill Pte Ltd and WILL Token will see the introduction of Will writing services, the appointment of trustees and executors, management of wealth and assets as well as inheritance and settlement services onto the blockchain platform.

Utility Token

WILL token is a utility token issued by Octowill Pte Ltd and it can be used as a payment tool for services described in our mission statement.

Will token can be purchased and utilized like any other crypto currency on the market today. People who purchase, use and hold Will token in their portfolio will be able to pay for the services at a discounted rate. Holders of all other crypto currencies will also be able to use the service and pay in other currencies but they may need to pay a higher rate.

How our System Works ? Will Token

Our's is an automated service to transfer crypto assets to the beneficiary through an organized system, where latest technologies like Blockchain, Hyperledger, and Sawtooth technologies are used.

Will system allows seamless integration with crypto exchanges and wallets. It utilizes various investigative and suggestive tools to ascertain death of investors.

Will system verifies the validity of claims and helps the beneficiaries of the deceased person, to presume control of the crypto-wealth in accordance the Crypto-Investors pre-written choice.

This service is a fully automated process. Our system helps remove the element of fraud, false claim and unauthorized access to crypto asset claims thus providing Investor and their beneficiary the most secure transfer protocol available to date

There are many ways to achieve this. The fundamental feature is customer’s preference of a safety net to protect his or her investment and meeting legislative requirements.

Partnerships Will Token

Hada DBank

Frequently asked questions FAQS

WILLTOKEN is a utility token issued by Octowill.

WILLTOKEN can be purchased and utilized like any other crypto currency on the market today.

WILLTOKENacts as one of the payment methods to avail crypto inheritance service from Octowill.

Payments in WILLTOKEN can redeem additional benefits in Octowill services.

Willtoken will be available in exchanges from 1st Quarter 2019.

WILLTOKENS balance can be viewed in any Ethereum Wallet you use, such as

We currently involved in OCTOWILL Product Development.

Detailed information about the project is available in the whitepaper.

All details regarding OCTOWILL & WILLTOKEN will be delivered by email and through social networks channels:

  • Inheritance and Taxation
  • Traditional WILL Online
  • WILL for Crypto Assets
  • Escrow & Trustee Services
  • Legal Services

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